FOX4 Interviews Jason Slover Read More


Bent But Not Busted

Our good buddy Brian Kohlmann didn't figure on plowing into the guardrail around the Christmas Tree at the drag strip but it happened. The spool inside the barrel valve of… Read More


Jeff Corshen Model A Pick Up

Jeff Corshen is using our #2100 Model A complete chassis. As you can see his project is well underway and setting on a good foundation. Keep up the great work… Read More


Steve Seybold’s ’34 Ford Pick Up

This is Steve's great looking 1934 Ford pick up resting on our #4300 chassis. Thanks Steve for making our products look so good. Keep up the good work. Check out… Read More


Terry DeYoung ’23 T Bucket

1923 Ford T Bucket. ¬†Uses Pete and Jake's parts. The trailer is a treasure chest that stores two layers and the top folds up for traveling. The Keg opens up… Read More

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