Back to the Basics

It all started with Pete Chapouris and Jim “Jake” Jacobs back in 1973. Even before they met and started Pete and Jake’s they were individually working on taking hot rodding back to the basics and to the next level. Both men understood how hot rodding started and wanted to get back to that look and feel of early rodding. Yet they wanted to make it safe and easier by creating off the shelf parts that anybody could use and providing the instructions and technical help when needed.

Today Pete and Jake’s continues to carry on the legacy of “Back to Basics” and we’re doing it the Pete and Jake’s way. Our new ’33 Hemi Coupe is testimony to just that.

It not only uses our complete chassis, front and rear suspensions, and braking systems, but also such “Back to Basics” items as a Blown 392 Hemi with old school Vortex magneto, Quick Change rear-end, and to top it off we left it in primer and had it pinstripped. No fancy air conditioning, no heater. Just big fat rear tires and lot’s of power. After all isn’t that what hot rodding is all about?

Getting back to basics doesn’t mean we compromise on quality or safety. All of our parts have been field tested over thousands of hot rodding miles ensuring that you get the finest and safest hot rod parts available.

As you can see for Pete and Jake’s getting “Back to Basics” isn’t just a catchy slogan but a way of doing business. High quality, great technical help, best in customer service. Let us help you.



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