Parts are Parts, Right?

You hear that a lot in our business. Guys who are building a Rod or restoring grandpappy’s old car and are looking for parts just want to get it done. They are usually more concerned about cost than they are about quality and that will cost them in the long run. I’ll explain later.

We are running out of original parts. It’s just a matter of time. As time goes on our junk yards and barns are being emptied of those 70 and 80 year old parts. Won’t be long and there won’t be any to buy. What will be left will not be worth restoring. So what’s a fellow to do?

Buy New Parts

Pete Chapouris and Jake Jacobs realized this was happening back in 1974. While building their coupes, The California Kid and Jake’s Coupe, they needed reliable new parts but few were available. Most back then were using junkyard parts to build rods. Pete and Jake hit on the idea of designing and manufacturing new parts for the Hot Rod industry and Pete and Jake’s Hot Rod Parts was born. Now fast forward 40 plus years and the new part industry has exploded. Thanks to Pete and Jake’s leading the way.
Not just Parts But Bodies Too. Not only can a builder buy a complete rolling chassis with a new drive train you can now buy complete bodies in steel and fiberglass. The technology has improved so much over the years that Ford has actually licensed many of these reproduction parts. Henry would be proud. Now the builder has the option of building a completely new car that is still a true hot rod.

Quality Over Price

From our original Super Bell axle to our Four Bar™ suspension system developed by Pete and Jake, all of our products are road and strip proven and of the highest quality. Yes they may cost a little more initially but in the long run they save you money. The quality lasts and lasts and we guarantee your satisfaction. The California Kid and Jake’s Coupe were rolling laboratories in developing our products and have over 150,000 proven miles on them. Buying cheap reproductions from Asia made of inferior steel and cheap chrome plating will end up costing you in the end. Quality parts are bought once while cheap parts continue to cost you over the years.

So no, parts aren’t just parts. The quality, the fit, the finish of a part, and the price all go to make up the right part. Spending hours to make that cheap/old part fit isn’t saving you money. Breaking down in the middle of a trip because a cheap/old part failed isn’t any fun. Having an accident because a cheap/old part failed can be a nightmare so remember, quality is the key. Give Jason or Jerry a call before you buy your parts, you’ll be glad you did.

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