Part #4300 1934 Truck Chassis


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• Dropped axle with 4” drop, tube or I-beam.
• Pete & Jakes 4-bar® or Hairpin.
• Vega cross steering (complete).
• Front disc brakes complete (5″ x 4 1/2″ or 5″ x 4 3/4″).
• Motor Mounts (Chevy or Ford).
• Transmission Mount (Chevy or Ford).
• Master cylinder mount w/Dual MC.
• Brake Pedal.
• Ladder Bar rear kit or/Rear 4-bar® kit.
• 9″ w/axles, new 11″ drum brakes and rebuilt 3.00 gear.
• Coil over kit w/Viper alloy shocks.
• Panhard bar rear.
#4300A UPGRADE: Power Brake Option
#4300B UPGRADE: SS 1″ 360° Plates & Wilwood Calipers
#4300BF UPGRADE: SS 1″ Finned Plates & Wilwood Calipers
#4300C UPGRADE: Show Chrome on Front I-Beam Axle
#4300CD UPGRADE: Show Chrome on Drilled Front I-Beam Axle
#4300CL UPGRADE: Clutch Kit
#4300D UPGRADE: Chrome Front End Option
#4300E UPGRADE: Chrome on Posie Spring
#4300F UPGRADE: Front Lincoln Drum Kit
#4300G UPGRADE: Brake Line Kit (installed)
#4300GS UPGRADE: Polished Stainless Steel Brake Lines with AN Fittings
#4300H UPGRADE: Winter’s Poslished Billet 9″ Ford Housing Option (with new axles)
#4300I UPGRADE: Pro-Street Option (special cut 9″ housing)
#4300J UPGRADE: Front Duel Flex Spring (plain)
#4300JC UPGRADE: Front Duel Flex Spring (chrome)
#4300K UPGRADE: So-Cal Hairpin Radius Rods (polished)
#4300L UPGRADE: C-Notched Rear Chassis
#4300LF UPGRADE: C-Notched Front
#4300M UPGRADE: Chrome Spindles
#4300N UPGRADE: Chrome Tie Rod Ends (set of 2 lefts & 2 rights)
#4300O UPGRADE: Drilled/Slotted and Zinc Coated 1″ Rotors (pair)
#4300P UPGRADE: Wilwood Rear Kit with E-Brake and Polished Calipers
#4300Q UPGRADE: Chrome Rear Four Bar® Kit
#4300R UPGRADE: Polished & Chrome Coil-Over Shocks
#4300S UPGRADE: Chrome Rear Coil-Over Bolt Kit
#4300T UPGRADE: Chrome Ladder Bars
#4300WB UPGRADE: Wishbones on Chassis
#4300WBC UPGRADE: Chrome Wishbones on Chassis


Just picked up my Model A chassis Thursday in Orlando from you guys and you sure did not disappoint me...first class! Thank you guys so much!

Dave Trogdon

-Dave Trogdon, Facebook Review

The customer service goes above and beyond other companies, products are high quality and best of all made in the U.S.A. Well worth the cost!!

Corey Cummings

-Corey Cummings, Facebook Review

I had the opportunity to speak with Jay on the phone several times recently. I'm planning on building a '34 coupe and he was so much help with information on vendors, parts, etc. Our conversation was an absolute pleasure and full of information. Thank you!

Rich Tocci

-Rich Tocci, Facebook Review

I've always enjoyed doing biz with these guys!! Great customer service and an absolute wealth of knowledge. Proud to call the Slover family friends!!

Greg Giger

-Greg Giger, Facebook Review

Fast shipping and quality parts!!!

Nate Grice

-Nate Grice, Facebook Review

Very nice to work with. Jason went beyond what I expected to ensure they provided the best product possible.

Paul Gottes

-Paul Gottes, Facebook Review


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