Bent But Not Busted

Our good buddy Brian Kohlmann didn’t figure on plowing into the guardrail around the Christmas Tree at the drag strip but it happened. The spool inside the barrel valve of the fuel injection stuck, leaning out the motor and it bound the throttle linkage open leaving the car (as Brian put it) a “runaway train” causing the street legal, nitro powered, 1931 Chrysler Coupe to do a sudden right turn during a burn out. Brian was using our Alum-I-Beam aircraft alloy aluminum front axle for it’s superior strength and light weight. As you can see from the photos below the force was so intense that it did bend the axle but it didn’t break it or even crack it. What a testimony to this high quality Super Bell axle by Pete & Jake’s Hot Rod Parts. Fortunately the guard rail did its job and no one was hurt in the mishap. Thanks for the photos Brian.





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