The Start of Something Big, Clarence Aulbach’s 1937 Ford

Here’s a bunch of photos from the Aulbach build. We built a great chassis for Clarence Aulbach’s new build. The detail on this chassis is fantastic. We at Pete & Jake’s cant’ wait to see the finished build. Clarence please keep us posted and sent more photos of the progress.























Street Rodder Road Tour 1932 Ford Pick Up

Pete and Jake’s is proud to be a part of the 2018 Street Rodder Road Tour. So much so that we thought our friends would enjoy this nice article and photos about the project written by Ron Ceridono and photographed by Robert McGaffin, Brian Brennan, and Yasmin Fajatin of Street Rodder Magazine. Enjoy!

“Since the inception of the Road Tour program we have built street rods from the ’20s-’60s in every conceivable configuration in an effort to reflect the scope of our hobby. This year the 2018 United Pacific/STREET RODDER Road Tour 1932 Ford pickup Presented by Ford Performance Parts is bringing us back to our roots with the traditional combination of a closed-cab Deuce pickup and a solid-axle chassis. We’ve again called on the talents of Dean Livermore and the crew at Hot Rods by Dean (HRBD) to put it all together.

Under all the new sheet metal is a chassis from Neal, Phil, and Jeremy Gerber’s Roadster Shop (RS). The frame is based on reproduction 1932 ’rails that have been boxed their entire length, fitted with a Model A–style front crossmember, and a vintage style X-member for the ultimate in rigidity.

To go with the build style of the truck we wanted a traditional dropped axle front suspension that would provide the smooth ride and excellent handling qualities so we turned to Pete and Jakes. They’ve been supplying solid axle suspension components for 1928-1948 Fords since 1974 and know how to make them work. To that end they supplied a complete chrome front end kit with Super Bell I-beam, monoleaf spring, hairpin radius rods, Panhard Bar, and tube shocks. The steering gear, shafts, and U-joints came from Flaming River.

On the aft end of the frame is a polished Winters quick-change that’s held in place by heavy-duty four-bars designed and built to fit the RS X-member and a Panhard rod that attaches to the rear axle’s center section with a custom bracket. A smooth, controlled ride is guaranteed with the use of adjustable AFCO coil overs.

When it came time to pick wheels and tires for our truck there was no debate; Eric Black’s artwork nailed the look and Coker and Wheel Vintiques provided what we wanted. The tires are Coker Firestone Deluxe Champion blackwalls, 5.60-15 up front and 7.00-16 in the rear. After being discontinued by Firestone, Coker Tire acquired the molds, refurbished them, and after obtaining licensing agreements put these classic bias-ply tires back into production.

To complete the look we were after the tires were mounted on Wheel Vintiques Gennie series wheels; 15×5 in front and 16×6 in the rear. Patterned after 1940-1948 Ford wheels, they are offered in primer, various colors of powder coating, all chrome, and chrome rim with a bare center, and are available in a variety of sizes and bolt patterns.

The crew at HRBD has been busy building our Road Tour truck with their usual attention to detail and there will be some surprises along the way as well. Of course you’ll have to watch the pages of SR and to find out what they are. In the meantime, start making plans to join us on the 2018 United Pacific/STREET RODDER Road Tour Presented by Ford Performance Parts.”

Photography by Street Rodder

Written by Ron Ceridonoon March 28, 2018

Robert McGaffin, Brian Brennan – Photographers









Now We Do Chevy Pickups

When Brad and Mary Phelps wanted their 1950 Chevy Pickup to be it’s best they took it to builder Robbie Musick. Robbie came to us and we fabricated a high quality chassis to fit perfectly under the truck. Now Brad and Mary are the proud owners of the very first Pete and Jake’s Chassis for a 1947-54 Chevy Pickup. We think it’s a great looking truck on a great chassis and here’s the photos to prove it.


Steve Park 1932 Coupe

Steve and Diane Park from Bloomfield, IA are working on a 1932 Five Window Coupe and needed a chassis. They called us and here’s what they had to say about the experience:

“Jason and Team,
Just wanted to let you know I couldn’t be happier with my Pete and Jakes experience. You and your entire team made it great. Everyone was easy going, friendly and accommodating from end to end. Couldn’t ask for more. You have a great group of guys there.

Here’s a few pics after it got home.

I added a 1/2″ spacer between the engine mount and block to raise the front of the engine (1/8″ spacer under the tranny to keep the carb pad level at ride height). Raising the engine that 1/2″ let me use a standard Ford oil filter instead of a remote and still clear the steering box. To gain just a bit more clearance at the steering box, I also had to remove the outermost top plate steering box bolt and replace it with a button head Allen bolt. Raising the engine that little 1/2″ will also let me run a 17″ fan instead of a 15″. Worked great all around.

The headers on the engine are the common Speedway Motors for 28-34 chassis. Clear everything perfect.

Again thanks, I’m sure I’ll have a few questions along the way but so far everything has been great.

Steve and Dianne Park”

They also mentioned:

Drove to Connecticut last week. Got the body on the frame Sunday. Only had to slot a couple holes. Less than I expected. Body bolted down nice and the doors, windows and trunk all work as nice on your frame as they did his jig he built the body on. Your recommendations for rear wheel backspace were perfect! Engine fits nice and tight against the firewall and still plenty of room for the fan at the front. Just wish it wasn’t 95* when we sent to set the black body on the chassis! Pics attached.

Nathan enjoyed his visit. Seems pretty happy about getting a chassis built. Think he will be a long time customer.

Thanks again for your product, the craftsmanship in your chassis and the great overall experience. Will probably pick up firewall boots when I’m there in August with the Slick 60’s group. They are excited about seeing everything and the museum, too.

Steve Park”

We sent the boot.



Larry Graham Builds a ’55 Chevy Gasser

When Larry Graham of Jefferson City, MO decided he wanted to build a 1955 Chevy Gasser he wanted it to do it right and to be as painless as possible so he turned to Jerry and Jason to get some advice. Larry was going to run a big block so he wanted a Gasser front suspension that not only could hold the weight but would be the right width and look for the car. Jerry and Jason put their heads together and came up with a custom setup that works perfect for Larry. Larry trailered the work in progress up from Jefferson City to show us during our Annual Open House May 12, 2018.

The pictures below show how Larry build a subframe to fit the stock chassis. It consists of 4 bolts at four points for a total of 16 that holds the front subframe securely to the car. With our help, our custom width straight axle and Gasser parts Larry was able to fabricate a pretty neat system in our opinion. The springs can have leaves removed to adjust the height and accommodate the weight once he has the engine and transmission mounted. Larry set up the tie rod and steering box system with advice from us and it works real slick. Where the subframe attaches to the firewall Larry will eventually tie it into the interior roll cage.

We can do the same for any Gasser project, just give Jerry or Jason a call.




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