From a Coupe to a Cabriolet

Jerry and Jason,
Here is my third project using a Pete & Jake frame. This was a glass three window 32 that I turned into a cabriolet with a roadster windshield frame so I could have the electric windows and us air conditioning. I went with the IFS front and four link rear. This is a rare set up by the guys as it is a ZZ4 motor but using a long tail 400 trans (did this almost 20 years ago). You may notice a second cross member at the trans.  Besides power windows and trunk with AC, I modified the rear fenders and built a roll pan. Well, hope you like these three and thanks to Jerry and Jason, we are enjoying them as we have never owned a trailer, so everything is driven.

Jerry Haley
El Paso, TX





Jerry Haley Does It Again With a Stunning ’32 Coupe

Jerry and Jason,

This is an all steel ’32 Ford, my first attempt at chopping a top and adding hidden hinges. Also note the drip rail change as I kept eyeing my 33 Chev and rolled up metal and welded on smoother looking rails. The frame was all Pete & Jake with the Super Bell front, Plus 9 rear and Wilwood disc all around. I built up a 425hp ’63 409 with four speed, factory dual quads and posi trac. Equipped with AC, power windows and trunk, keyless remote entry and all leather interior. You may notice the ¼” thick plates added so more bolts can hold the body to the frame (32 bolts in all), not sure why my buddies call me Overkill. I use this each day as my ‘shop car’ and is a whole lot of fun.

Jerry Haley
El Paso, TX






We Can Do Chevys Too

Hey Guys,
This was a 1933 frame I shipped to your shop and they boxed it and outfitted the suspension and motor mounts. This was before anyone made an IFS for a ’33 Chev, but Jerry and the guys got it done. The all steel Master coupe won Goodguys National Champion for Homebuilt vehicle in 2006. Still in perfect condition today. 385 Fastburn motor with tuned port injection, AC, power windows and trunk, keyless remote lock system, Bowtie Overdrive trans, Wilwood four wheel disc, all leather interior. I built this car 100% at the house – outdoors under a car port!

Jerry Haley
El Paso, TX





She’s a Winner

From our good friends Jim and Rosina Mothershead:

Rosina & I would like to thank you for the knowledgeable and courteous assistance. Your Pete & Jake’s Superbell  I beam front end assembly on our ’32 Dearborn Deuce has been superb for 3 years.

See ya at BIG 50th Nats !!

Jim & Rosina Mothershead, Washington DC




Washtenaw Community College Model A

From our friends at Shadow Rods LLC:

Dear All,

I want to take this time to say thank you to everyone who participated with us in this years “Shadow Rods” and “Washtenaw Community College” student project for the 2019 Detroit Autorama Car Show.

The Staff at the school worked extra hard this year with many new students and a few of the previous years class to get the build to a level we both felt comfortable with in showing, even though it was not finished.

We ended up preparing the car to a show appearing level, with most of the exterior completed with the exception of a few of the jewellery pieces not installed.

Working with the Instructors and the class, we were able to come up with the exceptional custom mixed colors for the car based on the superior rendering work of designer Eric Brockmeyer.

Our trim shop “Hof Designs” and it’s leader Rod, came up with some very great interior materials that once finished will just enhance the overall image of the car being both traditional Hot Rod and luxury cruiser. We were unable to get that part of the vehicle finished for the show based on overall timing constraints and the fact that the paint on the grill shell was only about 5 hours old when the car rolled in off the trailer for the show. ‘

Rod and the Hof Designs team in Dearborn Heights, MI., are currently working on the interior with our target debut date of early May for the finished vehicle.

I am including some photos that were taken at the show by us just to give those of you the opportunity to see what your efforts and help turned out at the time it was shown.

Please again know that these are interim photos of the vehicle and we wanted to emphasize the extra efforts it took on everyone’s part to get it this far and be able to display it during the show.

Myself and Jon Hall of Shadow Rods and Tim Vanschoick, Bob Lowing, Jay Mosquera and the rest of the WCC staff and Students again want to personally thank each and every one of you for your participation and support.

The College is currently working on the car after a weeks rest, to move it forward and closer to it’s debut we plan on for early May.

We will be completely photographing the car once finished and I will be making the photos available to you. We hope that each of you proudly display them so that when the students that participated in the project get out into the work force of our industry, they can relate to these shots when they come in for their interviews with you.

I again want to personally thank each and every one of you. Being involved in these types of projects helps us to guide our youth in the directions of all aspects of our industry and hopefully end up with some of these students along side us now and taking our industry ahead for the future.

Keep Hot Rodding, Restoring, Building and Teaching for many years to come!


Paul Behling
Business Manager


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