Jerry Haley Does It Again With a Stunning ’32 Coupe

Jerry and Jason,

This is an all steel ’32 Ford, my first attempt at chopping a top and adding hidden hinges. Also note the drip rail change as I kept eyeing my 33 Chev and rolled up metal and welded on smoother looking rails. The frame was all Pete & Jake with the Super Bell front, Plus 9 rear and Wilwood disc all around. I built up a 425hp ’63 409 with four speed, factory dual quads and posi trac. Equipped with AC, power windows and trunk, keyless remote entry and all leather interior. You may notice the ¼” thick plates added so more bolts can hold the body to the frame (32 bolts in all), not sure why my buddies call me Overkill. I use this each day as my ‘shop car’ and is a whole lot of fun.

Jerry Haley
El Paso, TX






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